Video Production Course

Video Production Course

Learn the art of shooting and editing professional-grade content on our video production course here in Hollywood, Los Angeles. From understanding camera settings, and to achieve optimum results to post production workflows, optimized for time and flexibility..

The editing half is focussed in Adobe Premiere CC, but Final Cut users can still take the course if they have a grasp of the basics of non linear editing. To learn more and request information on the schedule, click here.


101 – Video Production


Pre Production

  • Location Scouting
  • Scripting/Script Writing
  • Storyboarding


Camera Operation

  • Sensor Size and Crop Factor
  • Exposure Triangle and Achieving Proper Exposure
  • Shutter Speed and Frame Rates
  • Compressed Codecs vs Raw Video
  • Bit Rates and Color Spacing



  • F-stop/Aperture
  • Focal Length
  • Primes vs Zooms
  • Using Different Filters(ND/UV)


201 – Editing


Understanding Functions

  • Importing Footage and Creating New Sequences
  • Use of Tools in Timeline
  • Color Grading and Visual Effects


Optimizing Workflow

  • Organizing Footage
  • Working with Proxies



  • Understand Different Codecs
  • Export Setting for Different Audiences/Channels


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Course designer, Matt Stanley shot and edited this music video on equipment worth under $1000, with some scenes featuring our studio on Melrose. Check it out ↓

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Thanks to Matt's expertise and knowledge of cinematography, he was able to bring my vision to life. Matt's work and amazing attention to detail has given me a fantastic catalog of photos and videos I am proud to showcase to my clients

Audrey Morguess Realtor (PLG Estates)

He nails it every time. No one would believe that he shot my first video with an old iPhone 5. The Video quality look as if we had a major budget

Mike (Trife) Goode

Matthew’s an emerging young videographer with not only a great eye but also an in depth understanding with what he does pre to post, from behind the lens to editing behind a computer, he brings the material you want and dream projects come true

Tyler Hall (Smoke and Mirrors Productions)

Matt is a highly knowledgeable and talented video production professional. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about all technical aspects of video production, he is an excellent teacher of the craft. Matthew is always sharing his broad knowledge of camera systems, formats, lenses, lighting and even audio when he works on my sets

Andrew Oleck (Bayview Drive Films)

I have worked with Matthew Stanley for roughly 5 years, and in that time he has always demonstrated a leadership position within the camera department. He is highly skilled in the technical aspects of filmmaking, whether it be the camera, cinema lenses, matte boxes, digital file formats or the editing software we are using for post-production. I can always count on Matthew to deliver the highest quality on set and off

Joshua Bartos (i95 Creative)

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